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General Dentistry in Corinth, MS

At Dental Arts of Corinth, we provide general dentistry across a range of services. We’re here to help you have your very best smile by preventing any dental issues from occurring in the first place and then finding effective treatment solutions if they do happen to arise. By adding regular trips to the dentist along with routine brushing and flossing, you’re doing your part to have a healthy smile.

If you have any questions at all about what you can do to maintain healthy teeth and gums, we are always happy to talk with you further.

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Keep your teeth and gums healthy with routine cleanings and exams. We’ll clean and polish your teeth and check for any developing issues that may cause future concern.

Prevent bacteria from settling into the hard-to-reach crevices and grooves in your back teeth with dental sealants. This treatment is beneficial for children as well as adults.

Don’t forget about your gums! We treat gum disease with Arestin® and laser gum treatments. Healthy gums are important for healthy teeth.

Protect your teeth from injury during sports and from damaging grinding at night. We’ll custom design your mouthguard so it fits you comfortably.

Manage your sleep apnea with personalized solutions. Not sure if you have the sleep disorder? We can help diagnose the condition so you can takes steps towards more restful nights.

Detect oral cancer early. When discovered in its earliest stages, oral cancer is highly curable. We want to make sure you have your best chance at beating the disease if you’re diagnosed.

Get rid of chronic bad breath. We’ll pinpoint what is the culprit behind your halitosis to give you customized treatment options.

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